Are We A Good Fit For You And
Your Business?

Our Business Ethos

We work alongside your business, every client is unique and each business requires a different approach, we are here to offer you solutions that work for you.

Many other fire risk assessment companies will provide you with a quote after a brief conversation over the phone or present you with an off-the-shelf price without getting to know you or your business. This usually means they already have a locked-in solution for the service they will provide, regardless of what you require or what problems need solving.

We do not go into new projects with a 'one-size-fits-all' approach or have pre-determined solutions. We like to know about you, your business, your situation, your challenges, and how we can help you. We offer you bespoke fire safety solutions that work for your business, to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors in a friendly, sensible, and professional manner.

Can You Afford Us

Can You Afford Us?

Probably. We are not the cheapest but we are certainly not the most expensive. Fire safety in the workplace should be one of the top priorities of any business, we are a fantastic asset to work alongside you and we believe our prices to be reasonable.

We work hard to provide the best solutions and advice for our clients. We work with large and small companies, offering our expertise and advice. We do not provide generic reports or plans designed with no consideration of your business or are we under assumptions that a plan worked for the last company, so it's going to work for you. Each report is completely tailored to your company and your needs.

We understand that sometimes budget is an issue, and schedules or differences can get in the way, you are under absolutely no obligation once a quote is provided but please be assured that we can offer a solution to achieve results even when funds are tight, we will.

Do we get results?

The simple answer is YES. Sometimes we can suggest simple changes which improve fire safety quickly, other times it may take a little while for the improvements we suggest to take effect. We offer help to keep your business working by suggesting improvements, monitoring, and sometimes a slight tweaking of practices, to make sure the fire safety of your staff, business, premises, and visitors increases.

Our 5-star reviews on Google are a testament to our values as Fire Safety Consultants given by our customers.

When it comes to legal compliance, there is no such thing as a “quick” or “easy” fix. Our expertise can save you countless hours, but if you’re looking for a “quick fix” to your current problem, then we are not the right firm for you.

How much will it cost? well, that depends. We are independent advisors. We DO NOT try and tie you into a contract, up-sell, or over-provide your fire safety provisions.

We offer impartial advice, recommend what we think is best for you and encourage you to get the best deal for your business.

Do We Get Results
Are we a good fit?

We Are Probably Not A Good Fit If:

If you’re looking for a company to simply complete a tick box and say you are complying with the legislation or just provide a report with your preferred wording then that is not us. We have been providing fire safety solutions and doing it well for quite a while now. So, when we work together, we’ll fight for what we believe is in your best interest, support you throughout the process, and, if required, liaise with the local enforcing authority.

We learned a long time ago, “Simple”, “Basic”, “Naughty list” or “Tick-box” fire risk assessments do not work for the client but more for the assessor who simply wants to move on to the next or get their commission by up-selling.

If you say “We just need a simple fire risk assessment”, we challenge you to think bigger and demand more. If you value your staff, business, premises — you don’t need simple, you need better. Show your staff and clients you take fire safety and their welfare seriously; Fire Risk Consultancy Services is the company to work with you.

So, if you think we might be a good fit…or you have questions – give us a call or email, and we’ll be happy to provide you a quote.

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Fire Risk Consultancy Services have the knowledge and experience to assist your business to comply with all legal requirements surrounding fire safety including legislation. Be sure to read our accompanying guides: Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm System Types, Fire Door Regulations, Fire Safety Signs, also published on this site. 

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