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Fire Safety Provisions

Reducing Fire Risks : Protecting People

Last Updated: June 29, 2022

Holiday Lets

Discover your legal obligations. Find out more about fire safety law, including Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – what’s often known as the ‘Fire Safety Order’.

Staycation sign

Here is our guide to holiday let rules and regulations, with details on the legal requirements …

Short Term Holiday Lets

Fire Extinguishers

Learning to recognise and react to different fire classes is an essential requirement of fire safety training and specifically fire extinguisher training.

Classes of fire

What are the legal obligations of building or business owners regarding fire extinguishers?.

How many extinguishers

The siting of fire extinguishers should be in conspicuous positions and available for immediate use at all times… where they will be readily seen…

Siting of extinguishers

Advice and guidance on the types of fire extinguishers which are available with each one having a specific fire class that they are suitable for use on…

Types of extinguishers

Chrome fire extinguishers are incredibly popular, particularly in environments where style and aesthetics are important. However, they are also a constant cause …

Chrome Water Fire Extinguisher

A simple guide to P50 fire extinguishers. Are these low-maintenance P50 extinguishers the future for the UK fire extinguisher industry?

P50 extinguishers

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) outlines the legal requirement of the responsible person for the safety of your building, employees, and visitors.

Pressure Gauge

Fire Alarms

The main fire alarm systems types are conventional, addressable, and wireless. A fire alarm system has a number of devices working together to detect and …

fire alarm systems

Lists the British Standards Relating to Fire Alarms 2017 and provides links to purchase or download them from the British Standards Institute shop …

Standards for fire alarms

There are two main categories of fire alarm systems; protection of life and property and are a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) …

Categories of fire alarm

There are four primary types of detector heads that detect the presence of a fire. Understanding the difference between these heat and smoke detectors …

Detector Heads

Fire alarms in the home (that’s smoke and heat detectors to most of us!) provide an early warning – and time to escape – that really does save lives.

Testing fire alarm

Emergency Lighting

The aim of this short guide is to give you a practical understanding of emergency lighting and its many variants. Emergency Lighting is a legal requirement …

Emergency light

Fire Doors

A fire door is a critical safety feature of any building in which people work or visit, as they act as a barrier to the spread of fire, heat, and smoke …

Fire door

Fire Safety Signs

This guide to types of fire safety signs makes clear why they are an essential element of fire protection that provides users with important information …

Fire Safety Signs

Fire Risk Consultancy Services have the knowledge and experience to assist your business to comply with all legal requirements surrounding fire safety including legislation. Be sure to read our Top 10 Fire Safety Tips; Care, Residential & Nursing Homes, Nurseries, the Office & Workplace, Hospitality & Retail sectors, Electrical & Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance and Preparing an Evacuation Plan, plus lots of festive top tips, also published on this site. 

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