Applying for a
Fireworks Licence in the UK

The Critical Role of Fire Safety in Obtaining a Fireworks Licence

Selling fireworks requires more than just a licence – it also necessitates robust fire safety preparations. In the metropolitan counties, i.e., Greater Manchester, West Midlands, Merseyside, Tyne and Wear, South Yorkshire, and West Yorkshire, the fire service is responsible for licencing and enforcing the regulations on storage. They are also responsible for licencing the sale of fireworks. In other areas, the licencing and enforcement authority is normally the trading standards department of your local authority. This article emphasises fire safety regulations and assessments as a crucial part of certified sales.

Fire Safety is Fundamental to Legally Selling Fireworks

Storing and selling fireworks requires a licence from the local council due to explosive risks. But fire safety is an equally important licencing condition. Premises must undergo a thorough Fire Risk Assessment and implement appropriate fire prevention and protection measures. Neglecting this endangers lives and property.

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Fire Risk Assessments Identify Hazards

A Fire Risk Assessment evaluates potential fire hazards in a property. It examines the adequacy of existing fire safety precautions. Assessors inspect the premises, noting issues like:

The assessment report recommends improvements to achieve compliance. This forms a basis for fire prevention and response preparations.

Fire Safety Underpins the Licencing Process

When applying for a fireworks licence, inspectors check that fire safety requirements are met. Premises must have a satisfactory Fire Risk Assessment with evidence of compliance. Enforcement agencies like the fire brigade can conduct spot inspections and take action if rules are breached. Neglect of fire safety is grounds for suspending or revoking a licence.

How to Achieve Compliance

Responsible fireworks retailers will:

  • Commission a Fire Risk Assessment from a qualified consultant before applying for a licence
  • Study the findings and implement all recommended fire safety improvements
  • Maintain fire safety systems with regular testing and inspections
  • Provide staff training on emergency procedures
  • Properly store and segregate fireworks and other dangerous goods
  • Control ignition sources and flammables
  • Renew the Fire Risk Assessment regularly per legal requirements

Compliance takes diligence but is essential. Our company Fire Risk Consultancy Services can support your licencing application with professional fire safety advice and assessments.

By emphasising fire safety alongside proper licencing, retailers can sell fireworks responsibly and safely. This upholds the law and prevents tragedies. Don’t wait until it’s too late – make fire safety a priority now.

Non-Compliance Has Severe Consequences

If fire safety is compromised, consequences can be severe. In the event of a fire, inadequate precautions cost lives and result in devastating property damage. Legally, failing to undergo assessments and implement recommendations can lead to prosecutions. Offences under fire safety regulations carry fines up to £5,000 and 6-month prison sentences.

Key Takeaways

  • Retailers require a licence and Fire Risk Assessment to legally and safely sell fireworks
  • Apply for a fireworks sales licence from your local council after 15th October using form F3
  • Commission a Fire Risk Assessment from a qualified consultant to evaluate your premises’ fire safety
  • Implement any recommendations from the Fire Risk Assessment before applying for your licence
  • Maintain robust fire safety systems including detection, alarms, extinguishers, emergency planning etc.
  • Renew your Fire Risk Assessment regularly as legally required
  • Non-compliant sales without proper licencing and fire safety can lead to fines and prison sentences
  • Fireworks sales licences only permit sales during certain periods like Guy Fawkes Night
  • Customers should only buy CE-certified fireworks and use them safely following instructions
  • Fire safety is fundamental to legally selling fireworks – neglecting it endangers lives and properties
  • The licencing process checks that fire safety requirements are fully met before approving
  • Comply diligently with all fire safety and licencing regulations to sell fireworks responsibly

Fire Risk Consultancy Services offer a range of services, all designed to aid fire safety and awareness. Our expert consultants deliver fire risk assessments, fire safety training, fire safety awareness, fire marshal/warden courses, and fire extinguisher training. Our skills and experience also mean that we can help with fire door surveys and licensing applications. Head over to our fire safety solutions page to learn more about how we can help you today or take a moment to have a look at our Articles on Fire Safety Provisions or Top Fire Safety Tips, all provided to assist your business to comply with legal requirements surrounding fire safety and help keep your staff, clients, and visitors safe.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you need a licence from the county council to store or sell fireworks, even small amounts. This is mandated under Explosives Regulations 2014 and Fireworks Regulations 2004. Certain exceptions exist like low hazard Novelty fireworks. But in most cases, selling explosives like firecrackers, rockets, etc requires certification.

Applications open on 15 Oct each year. Contact your county council licencing authority and request application form F3. You’ll need personal and business details, storage location, inventory, safety standards, separation distances, etc. An inspection confirms you meet conditions. Licences are valid for one year.

In addition to the fireworks licence, make sure to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment of your retail premises. This evaluates fire hazards and the adequacy of existing fire safety measures. Our company Fire Risk Consultancy Services can undertake the assessment for you. Taking these steps helps ensure legal compliance and fire safety.

Large fines, even prison sentences! Trading Standards do inspections and undercover buys. Selling without certified storage is illegal. You may be fined, given a 6-month prison sentence, and prohibited from acquiring an explosives licence for years. Not worth the risk!

In England, fireworks sales are limited to:

  • On the first day of the Chinese New Year and the three days immediately preceding it
  • On the day of Diwali and the three days immediately preceding it
  • During the period beginning on 15 October and ending on 10 November
  • During the period beginning on 26 December and ending on 31 December

At other times you can only buy fireworks from licenced shops.

Exceptions for year-round sales exist. But standard licences only permit sales during these fireworks periods around Guy Fawkes, New Year’s, etc.

Fireworks must meet BS 7114 or CE safety standards. Buy ones with clear labelling and Firework Safety Code. Use outdoors, with adult supervision. Follow instructions carefully. Under 18s can’t possess adult fireworks. Be considerate of late-night noise.

In the UK, to legally sell fireworks, you need a fireworks licence. The requirements for obtaining a fireworks licence include conducting a Fire Risk Assessment, implementing fire safety measures, and adhering to safety regulations. Fire Risk Consultancy Services can guide you through the process, ensuring compliance with the Explosives Regulations 2014 and Fireworks Regulations 2004. They offer expert assistance in evaluating hazards and providing recommendations for a successful licence application.

Selling fireworks involves strict adherence to fire safety regulations to ensure public safety. Regulations cover areas such as fire detection, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers, evacuation plans, and more. Compliance with these regulations, as outlined by authoritative bodies and government sources, is essential. Fire Risk Consultancy Services can help you navigate these regulations, providing tailored guidance for safe and compliant fireworks sales.

Obtaining a fireworks licence involves several steps to ensure safe and legal sales. Begin by commissioning a Fire Risk Assessment from a qualified consultant like Fire Risk Consultancy Services. This assessment evaluates hazards, recommends safety improvements, and prepares you for inspections. Apply for the licence using the required form, ensuring all details are accurate. Maintain robust fire safety systems, as failure to comply can result in fines and legal consequences. Collaborating with experts like Fire Risk Consultancy Services streamlines the process and increases your chances of a successful licence application.

A fireworks licence is a document issued by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK. It is required for individuals or businesses who wish to store, supply, or sell fireworks all year round.

Anyone intending to supply fireworks, store fireworks, or sell fireworks all year round in the UK needs to apply for a Fireworks Licence.

To apply for a Fireworks Licence, you need to contact the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and provide them with the necessary information and documentation. This may include details about the storage of fireworks, your intention to supply fireworks, and your compliance with the fireworks regulations.

No, it is illegal to store fireworks without a licence. If you wish to store fireworks, you must obtain a licence to comply with the fireworks regulations.

The net explosive content (NEC) refers to the total amount of explosive materials contained within fireworks. This information is important for determining the storage requirements and safety precautions necessary for handling and storing the fireworks.

No, it is illegal to sell fireworks all year round without a licence. If you wish to sell fireworks, you must obtain a licence under the fireworks regulations.

The storage of explosives, including fireworks, is regulated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). You must comply with their guidelines regarding storage facilities, safety measures, and record-keeping.

If you already have a Fireworks Licence and wish to make changes to your current licence, such as expanding your storage capacity or adding new locations, you will need to apply for a new licence to accommodate these changes.

The fire and rescue service in the UK is often consulted during the licencing process to assess the safety measures in place for storing fireworks. They may conduct inspections and provide recommendations to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.