Help with your fire-related submissions & applications

Licensing Applications

Premises License Application

Fire Risk Consultancy Services can produce your Fire Risk Assessment and occupancy figures if you intend to apply for a Premises License, Premises License Variation, and Temporary Event Notice.  Under the Licensing Act 2003, these licensable activities are the retail sale of alcohol; the provision of regulated entertainment; the provision of late-night refreshment.

Building Regulations Submissions

Architect plans

We can assist in producing a preliminary Fire Risk Assessment which can be used as part of the Building Regulations submission and can assist the Fire Authority in providing advice at an early stage as to what, if any, additional provisions may be necessary when the building is first occupied. It will also assist the Responsible Person when developing the full fire risk assessment for the purposes of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and it will act as a record of the rationale behind the fire safety design of the finished building.

House in Multiple Occupation

House in Multiple Occupation

All licensed house in multiple occupation (HMOs) must have a Fire Risk Assessment. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 lays down the legal requirements which require the ‘responsible person’, who could be the landlord/licence holder or an agent with full management control, to carry out and regularly review a fire risk assessment. This ensures that the property is managed properly and meets certain safety standards. 

Fireworks Licensing Applications

Fireworks License Application

Before you can sell, or store, fireworks (explosives), we can assist with your application for a licence when you will need to complete a Fire Risk Assessment that inspecting officers will want to see during their inspection of your storage site to ensure your premises complies with all of the legal requirements. This inspection will take place prior to you being granted a license.

Fire Risk Consultancy Services offer a range of services, all designed to aid fire safety and awareness. Our expert consultants deliver fire risk assessments, fire safety training, fire safety awareness, fire marshal/warden courses, and fire extinguisher training. Head over to our fire safety solutions page to learn more about how we can help you today or take a moment to have a look at our Articles on Fire Safety Provisions or Top Fire Safety Tips, all provided to assist your business to comply with legal requirements surrounding fire safety and help keep your staff, clients, and visitors safe.